Six ways to enjoy life

In our power to receive more pleasure from every day. Experts offer six methods that help to be “here and now”, feeling the joy and fullness of being. The development of taste for life is guaranteed!

Slow down the run

Our lifestyle makes us move faster. We suffer, but we can’t stop: we need to run further in order to have time to do more and better.

“In yoga, a sense of life is very connected with what is happening to us here and now,” says Yulia Makarova, teacher of the Iengar of the Moscow Center for Yoga. -To see the world for real, to be surprised at its depth, you need to learn how to stop. Not only physically – it is also important to learn how to slow down our internal dialogue: constantly thinking about our actions, we get hung up on useless experiences.

In India, I met many poor people who know how to rejoice at the simplest things: warm weather, smile. They seem to remind us that you can notice and appreciate the very feeling of life. “Let go” yourself, give yourself the opportunity to slow down and free yourself from the overt. This does not require much effort: put on comfortable clothes, go out into the street, look around, “turn off” thoughts and experiences and just rejoice in the good thing that happens to you now ”.

Open to beauty

“We are used to living in our thoughts and anxieties, which like a veil block us from reality,” says Varvara Sidorova, art therapist, head of the Center for therapy with arts. – Drawing, we focus on what we do, on our movements, a brush, colors. We can transfer our thoughts to a sheet of paper, but we can depict what attracted our attention, has resonated with our “I”.

Subsequently, this becomes our resource, here we can draw strength and inspiration. For example, you saw a beautiful tree on the street, and then they painted it. Each time, looking at this sketch, you will return to your feelings and experiences and again charge with positive, creative energy ”.

Drawing, we focus on what we do, on our movements, a brush, colors. We can resonate with our “I”

“At the same time, it doesn’t matter if you can draw: and in a small simple line there is beauty, mystery, lovely,” continues Varvara Sidorov. – The flowering Sakura, of course, is fascinating, but the petal invisible at first glance is also beautiful … The main thing is to draw and get pleasure from it.

Each of us can create a lot with our own hands. At the trainings we make cups: sculpt them from clay, burn them in a stove … It turns out a warm, lively, real cup. And it is a pleasure to drink from it: every time we get the warmth, the energy and joy that we invested in it at the time of creativity ”.

See funny

“We, adults, are often very serious and heavy,” says Irina Baranova, ridiculous, author and leading training “Laughter for the Creativity of his Life”. – Infrequently, we allow ourselves to go beyond the generally accepted and make cute, funny pranks: tie a bow, make a surprise, compose a poem. To relax, stop controlling ourselves and everything around, behave like children – many of us do not even know how nice it is sometimes frivolous ..

We analyze almost all our actions from the perspective of society. Little things are not visible to us, we do not notice the funny. We should learn to notice the details in order to free ourselves from the pressure of our own importance, to become easier. And finally see your own life, linger in it. A good joke tickles the mind, turns the world upside down and brings out hidden truths. If internally we are good and comfortable, it will be easier for us to catch funny even in serious matters. “.

Touch another

Our acquaintance with the world begins with the touch of hands, and tactile sensations forever remain for us a reliable source of information about another person. Greetings, saying goodbye or congratulating each other, we hug.

“A hug is a way of expressing sympathy,” the psychotherapist of Virginia Satyr believes. – If people paid more attention to their needs in tactile contacts, they might be less aggressive. “.

In everyday bustle, we easily forget about the power of delicate touches. And you need only a few minutes to feel another person, hug, touch the fingertips with his hand or shoulder. Slowly, delving into his feelings ..

“To be here and now, we need tactile experiences,” Aida Aylamazyan, psychologist, head of the studio of the musical movement and improvisation “Heptachore”, convinces. – Alas, today we are experiencing an extreme shortage of bodily, movement … The body was almost turned off from the life of a modern person.

We are sitting all day in front of the computer, only eyes work from the sensory organs. To regain a sense of your own bodily, you just need to change your habits a little, overcome the fear or the prevailing stereotype of behavior.

Of course, without violating someone else’s personal space – the boundaries of other people are inviolable. It is only about being more flexible to do so that

compliance with frames, decency and distances does not turn into a chamber closed from all sides. Otherwise, we risk losing access to our natural bodily and emotional needs, to turn from living things into a set of roles and functions ”.

Smell the taste

“Not just swallow a hastily warmed dinner, but to try the dish using all the senses: feeling the taste, observing the color, feeling the aroma, inspired by the sound (appetizing crunch of radishes, the sound of hissing meat in a pan). Drinks are no less attention.

“Pour a little good wine into the glass and let him“ breathe, ”suggests Alexander Pavlov, chef-sample in the Elarji restaurant, the host of seminars and the author of the course of lectures on wine. -Then inhale its aroma, drink a little, without swallowing, and-slow down. Colorful images are born from sensations: vine, cherry bone, or maybe vanilla or honey. Good wine is revealed with every moment, giving us more and more halftones. It is important to try it slowly, listening – and then after a few minutes a completely different palette will open: from meadow mushrooms to blackcurrant.

The variety of aromas is unimaginable, it all depends only on whether we will give ourselves time to feel them. Each glass has a whole era, history, fate. But this is impossible to feel without paying the drink, respect, patience. To get real pleasure, you need to plunge into the process with all your heart, mind, soul. Catch the thread of taste and wind it, as if on a ball. And this principle works in everything: in life, as in wine, each shade of taste diverges into other shades – and this process is endless and beautiful ”.

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